Doppler CLI Failing to Install From OS Package Registries
Incident Report for Doppler
An incident was identified at our provider for OS package registry downloads. They've fixed the issue and installs from OS package registries are available again.


The incident affected all Doppler users attempting to install the Doppler CLI via their OS package registeries. This resulted in disruptions to their workflows relying on the Doppler CLI.


Cloudsmith resolved the incident after around an hour, and users were once again able to install the Doppler CLI from their OS package registries.
Posted Mar 22, 2023 - 16:13 PDT
We're currently investigating this issue.

If you need immediate availability, you can install Doppler directly from our published release artifacts instead of via your OS's package registry by running:

(curl -Ls --tlsv1.2 --proto "=https" --retry 3 || wget -t 3 -qO- | sh
Posted Mar 22, 2023 - 15:30 PDT